Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Martin introduce carriage house doors in aluminum

Martin carriage house doors in aluminum offer almost all of the features of wood, without any of the heavy maintenance or the safety liabilities.

The aluminum doors feature Martin's patented FingerShield joint design as well as over 30 safety and quality items that are standard with each Martin Door.

"This door is the best in its class.

In fact, the Carriage House Collection Aluminum Doors are in a class all their own," David Martin, chairman of MDM, said of the door.

The doors will come in over 70 powder coat colors and include 1/4" thick antique hinges and handles in black or silver.

The doors are only available with a powder coat finish.

The door is almost maintenance free, according to Martin, because of the aluminum and powder coating.

The door comes with a lifetime warranty with few limitations.

Even the door's hardware lasts long on the super strong door because of its lightweight aluminum, according to Martin.

The door features a true 3-D design, he added.

The benefits of the new carriage house look to traditional wood doors are obvious.

"Experience has shown that wood warps, cracks and splits," Martin said.

"Wood has a short warranty and does not last long.

Steel also does not last as long as aluminum.

Hardware usually wears out faster on heavier doors".

The new aluminum door is also environmentally friendly, because it offers the charm and appeal of a carriage house look, without cutting down any trees.

See the website for more details.

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